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Take up our Intro Offer of 3 Classes for $49 and explore Reformer Classes. If you're after a more personalised approach we offer private and semi-private studio sessions.


We LOVE the Reformer at My Pilates Studio. It's the most versatile piece of equipment. There is no front, side or back of a reformer because we use it in every direction (so don't try to hide at the back of the class!)

Each reformer class will challenge you in new ways. Classes are fun and different every time. We also love using some small props to enhance the session. So look out for a ball, band, block or circle coming your way!

Reformer classes are a great way to maintain your Pilates practice. Our small classes of 6 are intimate and taught by expert instructors. 

We offer a variety of Reformer classes

- technique - focus on basic fundamentals movements

Reformer TechniqueIf you have never used a reformer before, this class is a great place to start. Learn how the reformer works, from changing springs to adjusting it to suit your needs. You will become familiar with the principles of Pilates to understand the language we use in classes. This class will work on the basic fundamental movements to give you confidence in what you are doing, knowing that you are moving safely and correctly. 

- stretch - will leave you feeling longer and more mobile

Reformer StretchIn these classes you will use the reformer to support you during beautiful stretching exercises. Perfect for tired and achey bodies, this class will leave you feeling like you have given your body a massage with movement. 

- jump - will elevate your heart rate for that cardio buzz

Reformer Jump Are you looking for a cardio buzz? The reformer jump class is great for getting that heart pumping and getting a bit sweaty. Jumping on a reformer is done lying down, so the force through your knees is far more gentle than jumping while standing up. Give this class a go if you are wanting to have lots of fun on the reformer. 

- open - combo suitable for all levels

Reformer OpenOur open classes offer a little bit of everything. We love to incorporate some small props like weights, rollers, circles, balls and bands to make the class more interesting. We always offer modifications so this class is perfect for all levels. 


Mums you are doing such a great job nurturing your little ones, let My Pilates Studio nurture you.  You deserve it!

Our Mums and Bubs Reformer classes are a safe and enjoyable way to prioritise your postnatal health and wellness journey alongside your little one.

In a personalised and supportive environment, with gentle yet effective exercises to strengthen your postpartum body and wellbeing, it's the perfect place to bond with your baby and connect with other mums for community and connection. 


Private studio or semi-private session with up to 4 clients.  If you're looking for a personalised session then this is the perfect place to work on your own goals. Whether you are rehabbing an injury or preparing for a particular event, these sessions are fun and challenging and always offer you something new! 

  • Explore all equipment in studio - trapeze table, reformer, wunda chair, high barrel and more
  • 50-minute session
  • Learn the Pilates principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow
  • Learn how to move your body with thought and intention

Thank you for looking after me so well. I look forward to my Pilates with you and come away feeling re-energised’


’Thank you for all the wonderful, creative, precise work you do on my body. It is very much appreciated’

Pilates lover

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