About My Pilates Studio

At My Pilates Studio we have created a space that offers more than just Pilates. Our state of the art equipment and comprehensively trained and experienced instructors, ensure that each client is in safe hands. 

With in-house independent natural therapy services to enhance your overall health and wellbeing, we're a one-stop wellness hub .  Come home to My Pilates Studio. 

Hi, I'm Robyn

"Pilates is my happy place, my time to focus on me, my sanctuary and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to My Pilates Studio. My hope is that soon it will be your Pilates studio too!"

I 'm a proud mum to three teenage boys, who are all sporty and very energetic! We also have a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer called Lulu, who we adore! 

I've spent most of my life moving my body - I danced from age 6 and have never really stopped! I was also a netballer and sprinter at school and have always loved feeling strong and connected to my body.  

I became a Cecchetti Ballet Teacher and loved working with my students to help them understand the technique and encourage them to move with freedom.  

For me, Pilates offers a similar connection. The smallest of movements can make the biggest difference in how you feel it. 

Pilates is not about ‘getting good’ at Pilates, it's about ‘getting good’ at life. To be able to move freely and participate in everyday life without aches and pains is something I love being able to help my clients achieve. To know that I am helping them feel better in everyday life makes me really happy. 

I recently took up running and have completed four half marathons. I credit my regular Pilates practice to being able to adapt to a new sport and be strong enough to keep up with those who have been running for a long time!

Pilates has been a gift in my life. Not only does it give me the chance to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life, but I am able to focus on me and I feel strong and connected to my body.

Having a healthy body that can move with ease and freedom is one of life's greatest gifts. If you are yet to discover the beauty of Pilates, it is time to nourish your body, mind and soul. At My Pilates Studio, there are many options to start you on your journey to moving better.

Take a moment to fall in love with your body.


"Happiness is a state of mind, it's just according to the way you look at things." Walt Disney


Create a space for yourself just to be.

'Change happens through movement and movement heals'.
Joseph Pilates.

Grateful Client

If I ever need a boost, I know that something pink, a pair of earrings with sparkle, ballet-level posture and a bright smile will help to channel some Robyn glow. Thank you for your strength and fearlessness to show your light.